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I now pronounce you husband and "burned out frazzled wife"

Wedding A to Z | Wedding Vendors and Wedding Suppliers
Published by in Stressed Out Bride ·
The day your man proposed, he said “will you marry me”

…. he did not say “will you drive yourself crazy and plan a huge event where you will be judged while everything goes wrong and cause you stomach aches, headaches, sleep problems, poor concentration, moodiness and irritability

Amidst the days a woman plans on how the biggest day of her life is meant to pan out, she forgets that the day is actually about her and the love of her life, and mostly she forgets why the day is meant to happen in the first place.  
Your man has asked if you would do him the honour and spend the rest of your life with him, and only him, and by tradition the two of you will wed, and this should not leave you stressed and emotional to make this day happen.

A wedding day is the intimate union and equal partnership of two people in love and is rooted in the divine plan of creation, it is also a sacrament where you both enter into a covenant in which your love is sealed, and you vow to be with no other person.  It is not a fashion show, a pageant, a dance competition, or MasterChef, it is YOUR day and you should enjoy planning it.

Of course, you want this day to be perfect, but make it perfect for you!!  Do not be pressured to make it perfect for your guests, as this day is not about them and they should feel privileged to be invited to this event to witness your big day happen.  Stop worrying about what people will think as this turns you into a worn out, emotional bridezilla train wreck and that’s when you have forgotten why you are planning this day in the first place and by the time you get to the alter your nerves are shut.

You do not have to prepare the entire day yourself, you have wedding vendors/suppliers who assist you in all the details.  Remember they are after all professionals and your wedding is not the first they offered their services to, so they know what they are doing.  If you can’t stop worrying if your wedding vendor will handle things properly, remind yourself that wedding vendors have a passion for what they do, and they take their work very seriously therefore not allow room for mistakes or sloppiness.

If you can't control your stress levels, try these:

  1. Do yoga once week.  It will calm all your dreaded made up thoughts of everything that will apparently go wrong.
  2. Excercise. Go join a gym class, it will get all your frustrations out about the pressure you putting yourself under.
  3. Get a wedding planner.  These guys will take your "order" and worry about the "cooking and the dishes"
  4. Speak to the closest person in your life about what you are feeling and going through, let it out.
  5. Join a bridal support group. There are brides out there who are going through the same emotions and wedding planning problems as you are and it's great to relate to someone who understands your emotions.

So, ladies, stop stressing about this day, as no matter how judged you think you will get by aunty Thelma who you were anyway obligated to invite, you will still at the end of the day leave this massive event hand in hand with the man who asked you to be his, for the rest of your lives.

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